The below is an incomplete list of various match races (intentional and unintentional) to occur at Saratoga throughout the years.

08/05/1863: J. Morgan vs. Sympathy

Match race - Sympathy J. Morgan (NYT 1863.08.07)

The New York Times, 08/07/1863

07/27/1880: Luke Blackburn vs. Turfman

Match race - Luke Blackburn Turfman (WP 1880.07.28)

The Washington Post, 07/28/1880

08/07/1903: Surmise vs. Himself

“Three of the five entries for the second race, a mile and a furlong handicap for all ages, were withdraw, leaving only Surmise and Himself to run. Surmise, with Bullman up, won easily, and there was considerable adverse comment because “Father Bill” Daly had allowed Himself to start, since the horse was in very poor condition.” (The Washington Post, 08/08/1903)

Match race - Surmise Himself (CDT 1903.08.08)

Chicago Daily Tribune, 08/08/1903

09/04/1920: Man o’ War vs. Hoodwink (Lawrence Realization Stakes)

Match race (Saratoga) - Man o War-Hoodwink (WP 1920.09.05)

The Washington Post, 09/05/1920

08/02/1926: Golden Spire vs. Light Carbine (Mechanicsville Handicap)

Match race - 1926 Mechanicsville H. (NYT 1926.08.03)

The New York Times, 08/03/1926

08/29/1936: Discovery vs. Granville (Saratoga Cup)

Match race - Granville Discovery (NYT 1936.08.30)

The New York Times, 08/30/1936

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