Cincinnati, OH

The below is an incomplete list of various match races (intentional and unintentional) to occur at Cincinnati, OH throughout the years.

09/27/1867: filly by Lexington vs. Fannie Cheatham

Match race - Lexington filly Fannie Cheatham (NYT 1867.09.28)

The New York Times, 09/28/1867

05/30/1868: Baywater vs. Erin

Match race - Baywater Erin (Republican Banner 1868.05.31)

The Republican Banner (Nashville, TN), 05/31/1868

10/03/1868: Skylight vs. Woodford’s Belle

Match race - Skylight Woodford's Belle (Republican Banner 1868.10.04)

The Republican Banner (Nashville, TN), 10/04/1868

08/21/1898: Lieber Karl vs. Plaudit (Oakley Derby)

“Plaudit is a double derby winner. This afternoon he won new laurels by easily defeating Lieber Karl, who was the only starter against him in the great $10,000 derby at Oakley. Bannockburn and John Bright were withdrawn.

Burns on Lieber Karl sent his horse out to make the pace, and for the first time the two ran closely together. As they turned into the home-stretch Martin let Plaudit have his own way, and the great thoroughbred came down through the stretch in easy strides and crossed the wire a good half length to the good. Lieber Karl was doing his best, and looked tired out at the finish.” (The Atlanta Constitution, 05/22/1898)

Match race - Plaudit Lieber Karl (Atlanta Const. 1898.05.22)

The Atlanta Constitution, 05/22/1898

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