Morris Park, May 1904: Trainers to be fined for sending unschooled racers to the post

“For the fourth race at Morris Park yesterday, a half mile down the Eclipse course for maidens two years old, nearly half of the field of fifteen horses that went to the post were green youngsters who had never even been schooled at the barrier, and the trouble they gave Starter Fitzgerald caused prompt action by the Stewards of the meeting, who issued orders that in future any trainer who shall send an unschooled horse to the post shall be fined $50.

The start was the only one made by Mr. Fitzgerald in the two days of racing at Morris Park that merited description other than good, and though a number of the partisans of the start from a walk used by Mr. Cassidy are not yet convinced, horsemen agree that the return to the standing start, Mr. Fitzgerald’s old method, has worked a wonderful improvement, in that there have been no long delays at the post, and the horses in eleven out of twelve races have broken together.

The single exception, in yesterday’s two-year-old maiden race, was due to the fact that a large proportion of the horses had never been to the barrier, and refused to break even when it was lifted with all of them in line. Drone was left at the post, and Mr. Fitzgerald stated after the race that Migraine, Roderick Dhu, Maxey Moore [sic], and Fleur de Marie was as good as left, as they did not leave until their riders whipped them off.” (The New York Times, 05/07/1904)


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