August 1945: Attune dead heats for 3rd at Garden State Park, becomes sole winner upon foul

“CAMDEN, N. J., Aug. 7 (AP) – A turf rarity occurred in the first race at Garden State Park today when a horse that had finished in a dead heat for third was moved up to be the winner and the other mount figuring in the deadlock officially was placed fourth.

Lilson, ridden by A. Daniels, ran first, a head before Worries. Attune and Counsellor finished in the dead heat, a nose back of Worries. Near the wire Worries, on the inside, bore out and Lilson, on the outside, lunged in, with Attune sandwiched between them.

Nick Wall, on Attune, lodged claims of foul against both Lilson and Worries and the stewards allowed both claims. The stewards said the riders of both Lilson and Worries admitted their mounts had offended, but not intentionally.

The stewards contended Counsellor in no way had figured in the roughing and would have been fourth had there been no trouble. He was moved out of the dead heat for third to be fourth. Attune was placed ahead of Lilson and Worries.

Attune made the pace and might have lasted except for the interference. She was neglected in the betting and paid $28.10 for $2. Worries was the favorite.” (The New York Times, 08/08/1945)


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