July 1930: Enthusiasts in autos follow Gallant Fox to the track when training at Saratoga

“SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y., July 28. – James Fitzsimmons, trainer of Gallant Fox, William Woodward’s 3-year-old champion, has a new problem on his hands because of the popularity of the colt.

At first the number of visitors to the stall caused it to be roped off, as too many folks wanted to talk to the horse. Then Fitzsimmons built a light wooden railing at a greater distance from the stall. Now his flivver, which he uses when going out early in the morning for training, is followed by a long line of autos. They all want to see Gallant Fox gallop.

Many are lay folks who cannot tell Gallant Fox from a lead pony and ask Fitzsimmons innumerable questions. But thus far they have gotten courteous answers, for Fitzsimmons, who is known far and wide as Sunny Jim, is as good-natured as trainers come.”
(The New York Times 07/29/1930)

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