Dec. 1947: William Woodward wants worldwide acceptance of the American Stud Book

“YORK, England, Dec. 9 (AP) – William Woodward, United States thoroughbred owner, tonight renewed his appeal for world recognition of the American stud book, declaring that race horses bred in the United States were ‘equal to any in the world.’

Woodward’s 3-year-old colt, Black Tarquin, won the Gimcrack Stakes at the York race meeting last August, but the Maryland horseman was unable to make the trip to attend the annual dinner of the Gimcrack Club tonight. Instead, he sent a speech which was read by Lord Zetland in reply to the toast to the winner.

‘We feel,’ wrote the master of Belair stud, ‘that our horses have been developed to a very high degree, both as to blood and conformation, speed and stamina. We believe that they are equal to any in the world, both our champion horses and our rank in file in their class. The breeder throughout our land believe that the time has come when the American stud book should be recognized throughout the world.’

Woodward, who has bred and raced numerous champions both in his country and abroad, has appealed repeatedly for repeal of the rule, instituted in 1913, which excludes from the English general stud book horses whose ancestry, both sires and dams, were not registered in previous volumes. His requests have been denied on the grounds the book is a record of ancestry and not of track performance.

‘The performance of our horses, their fine qualities, their careful breeding and the study and devotion given to the cause by their breeders certainly warrant their recognition,’ Woodward’s message said.” (The New York Times, 12/10/1947)

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