Rex Ellsworth on Khaled (GB) and what he looks for in a horse

“‘I know of no horse,’ said Owner Ellsworth, ‘who has earned more in his first years in stud than Khaled. I haven’t got the exact figure in my head, but it tops $1,750,000. When you realize that, in the beginning, he was bred to very ordinary mares, his record is the more remarkable.’

‘That,’ Rex went on to say, ‘is being remedied now. He’ll only get the best. Calumet and Vanderbilt both had services to him last year. The Calumet mare was the famous A Gleam. I’ve now put a $5000 fee on him, but that doesn’t stop the number of requests I’m getting from all over the country.’

‘Yes,’ he added laughing, ‘even Kentucky. I guess they’ve seen the light.’

Ellsworth, one of the world’s best judges of horseflesh, says that he doesn’t go too much in the thoroughbred breeding business on ‘nicks’ –one family line being particularly suitable as a cross with another.

‘Conformation and general quality of breeding are what count with me,’ he told me. ‘Over all, I like a horse to be tall and wide and long, low knees and low hocks, legs well set back on his pasterns, good balance throughout. One of the main reasons I bought Khaled,’ he continued, ‘was because he had good pasterns – his legs didn’t run too straight into his feet. Horses that are too straight like that may run all right on turf, but I knew they wouldn’t do for dirt track racing in this country.’” (Braven Dyer / Los Angeles Times, 05/26/1955)


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