Chart of the week: the 1947 Santa Anita Handicap

Well beaten for much of the race, Chilean invader Olhaverry (Salerno (CHI)) “mowed them down with relentless fury” in the stretch to capture the Santa Anita Handicap (10 f) by 1 ¼ lengths over Stitch Again (Pilate) on March 1, 1947.

Favored Armed (Bull Lea), who was fresh off of a track record setting effort in the Widener Handicap (10 f) at Hialeah Park on February 22, had been shipped in from Miami for an attempt at a “transcontinental double.” Finishing fifth in the twenty-two horse field, the Big ‘Cap would be Armed’s only out of the money finish in seventeen eventual starts on the year, and he would ultimately go on to be named the 1947 Horse of the Year.

A shoeing error would prevent Olhaverry from defending his title in the 1948 Santa Anita Handicap. He had received a new set of too small shoes several days prior to the race, and while the shoes were quickly removed once he began showing signs of discomfort, enough damage had been done to his hooves to necessitate his scratch.

CHART - 1947 Santa Anita Handicap (LAT 1947.03.02)

Los Angeles Times, 03/02/1947


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