Photo: First Landing prior to the 1958 Saratoga Special

Below is a photo of future champion First Landing (Turn-To (GB)) taken by Bert Clark Thayer prior to the running of the 1958 Saratoga Special (6f).

PHOTO - First Landing (The Thoroughbred BCT)

Photo by Bert Clark Thayer of First Landing prior to the 1958 Saratoga Special, as published in The Thoroughbred: Pictorial Highlights of Breeding and Racing

Wearing blinkers for the first time, First Landing would defeat Pilot (Jet Pilot) by seven lengths for the win, improving his record to five wins* in five starts.
*Finishing 2nd in his debut at Jamaica in April 1958, First Landing would be bumped up to 1st via the disqualification of winner Restless Wind (Windy City (GB)).

“I never saw blinkers move a horse up so much,” said [Eddie] Arcaro after the race. “This was the biggest race he ever ran and it’s the first time I never touched him with the whip. Before this he was spooky between horses, he would duck in and often ran rank. But today he ran kindly. I took him back off Pilot going into the turn. I wanted him to have a horse in front of him and come from off the pace. But he wanted to run and I had a terrible time keeping him back there. When I let him run he just took off and was only galloping at the end.” (New York Herald Tribune, 08/07/1958)

CHART - 1958 Saratoga Special (NYT 1958.08.07)

The New York Times, 08/07/1958


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