Stretch Drive runs away at Arlington

Stretch Drive, a 2 year old son of Chatterton-Chemulpo, engaged in the wildest runaway of the year on a Chicago track just before the start of the Lamont purse, the fourth race at Arlington yesterday.

The colt, ridden by Jockey Ayraud, broke away from the field as the 14 juveniles were lining up at the barrier. He wheeled and ran back to the head of the seven furlong chute. Just before he cleared the fence and leaped down a ten foot embankment and across the hard road leading to the Post and Paddock club. Jockey Ayraud fell out of the saddle. Once clear of the track, the colt ran for four miles in the meadows which adjoin the stables at Arlington with the lead pony right at his heels.

Ald. Coughlin, owner of the colt, joined in the chase on foot. The colt, apparently exhausted from his long run, was led back to his stall apparently uninjured, but the race had been run before he was captured. Who Win was coupled with Stretch Drive as the Coughlin entry.”
(Chicago Daily Tribune, 07/20/1929)


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