Solly Tichner’s namesake lady horse

“Solly Tichner, one of Bill Kyne’s right-hand men at Bay Meadows, was an arrival at Santa Anita yesterday.

Solly was all hot and bothered over the fact that he had just learned one of the T. C. Worden youngsters had been named Lady Tichner in his honor.

Having been permitted to pick out the baby he liked best Solly was somewhat annoyed that he selected a lady horse instead of one of the masculine variety.

Lady Tichner is a daughter of Stars and Bars-Tiz Liz [sic], the dam being a half-sister to the illustrious Exterminator.” (Paul Lowry / Los Angeles Times, 12/22/1935)

*Should be Tze-Lsi

Note: Unfortunately for the pride of Solly Tichner, he was subject to this annoyance for quite a while, as Lady Tichner would race for eight years (1936-1943), amassing a record of (210) 20-23-35 and $13,486 in earnings.

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