April 1949: Contest held to name Citation’s brother

“Want to name a race horse? Well, here’s your opportunity.

Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wright, owners of Calumet Farm, have granted the Thoroughbred Record permission to issue an invitation for fans to submit a name for a full brother of Citation, a colt by Bull Lea-Hydroplane II.

The name must be eligible for registration with the Jockey Club and must not exceed 14 letters and spaces. Any name which has been used within the last 15 years is automatically eliminated. Entries should be addressed to ‘Citation,’ care Thoroughbred Record, Box [redacted], Lexington, Ky.

The winner will receive a portfolio of three photographs of Bull Lea, Hydroplane II and of the foal to be named, each autographed by Wright and Gen. Mgr. Ben Jones, plus a 10-year subscription to the Thoroughbred Record. Each entry will receive a reproduction of a charcoal drawing of Citation by Milton Menasco. Mrs. Wright will be the sole judge.”
(John Bradberry / The Atlanta Constitution, 04/30/1949)

“Lexington, Ky., June 10 (AP) – It’s unbelievable!

Unbelievable is the name of the suckling full brother to Citation.

The name was selected by Mrs. Warren Wright, wife of the Calumet owner. More than 20,000 names were entered in a contest conducted by the Thoroughbred Record, Lexington horse breeding journal.

The winning name was sent in by Domingo Bures, Havana, Cuba. His nomination of Unbelievable was the only one of that name submitted in the contest.”
(The Washington Post, 06/11/1949)


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