The eating habits and temperament of Preakness winner Blue Man

“LOUISVILLE, Ky., April 30 – If Blue Man goes postward in the 78th Kentucky Derby next Saturday you may be interested to know how this explater eats himself into running condition.

He is an excellent doer. He puts away 11 to 12 quarts of oats each day, plus two quarts of carrots, one quart of crunch and a bunch of dandelions.

Blue Man doesn’t have a single bad habit, according to [A. W] Abbott.

‘He’s a real human horse and everybody loves him,’ says the proud owner. ‘His only possible fault is in getting a little hot in the paddock before a race. Woody Stephens (his trainer) is so crazy about the colt he’ll hardly let the groom touch him. He sponges and rubs him down himself after a workout.’ ” (Paul Lowry / Los Angeles Times, 05/01/1952)


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