Sally Slipper (GB) arrives in the United States with special instructions

“Tom Ross and Phil Klipstein, who imported Arctic Wind and Sally Slipper from Ireland, have instructed Allen Drumheller to put in a requisition for halibut oil.

This is something new in a horse’s diet our way, but it seems that Sally Slipper, champion sprinter of Ireland, thrives on halibut oil and wouldn’t do her best unless she got it.

A note from her former trainer arrived with Sally on her air trip from Ireland to Del Mar. It reads as follows:

Please do be good to Sally. She will miss her boy (groom) very much and I hope her new boy will be good to her. She likes being petted and talked to. Her boy here loved her and is terribly upset to lose her. She likes her feed slightly damped and I always gave her one teaspoon of halibut oil in one feed every day. She is sweet tempered and very game. I hope she will have a nice kind boy to look after her.” (Paul Lowry / Los Angeles Times, 08/12/1954)


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