Manila official tells of amazing race feats

“In these days of squawks over horses asked to carry 130-132 pounds what would you think of a horse that packed 205 and won at a mile without breaking down?

It happened in the Philippines about three years ago. His name was Racing Heart.

A little over a quarter of a century ago a horse named Black Beauty won three races in one day in the country that MacArthur liberated. They kept on adding weight until he was toting 191 pounds, and he still won at seven furlongs.

These facts are vouched for by Thomas Lichauco, a director and member of the board of both Manila’s race tracks – the Manila Jockey Club, founded in 1896, and the Philippine Racing Club which came into being in 1936.

Lichauco has been touring the States visiting such places as Belmont Park in New York, Arlington in Chicago, Suffolk Downs in Massachusetts and Hollywood Park.

Lichauco says they raced the island ponies, which could walk under a thoroughbred, in the old days, but that all was changed when they imported half a dozen Arabian stallions to improve the breed about 35 years ago. Then they imported some Australian thoroughbreds. Between the two they bred some good horses from the mixture with the island strain. They aren’t thoroughbreds under our standards, but they belong to the Philippine stud book if they’ve been foaled in the island. …” (Paul Lowry / Los Angeles Times, 07/19/1951)


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