Walter Wells misses his chance on Alibhai (GB)

“Walter Wells doesn’t want for money, but he smiles a bit wryly when he recalls the miscue that cost him Alibhai.

Wells, former president of the California Thoroughbred Breeders Association, once could have purchased Alibhai for $1250. His top offer was $1150.

Last summer Louis B. Mayer sold the 10-year-old stallion to a Kentucky syndicate for $500,000, the record in this country.

Wells had his big chance eight years ago, when Alibhai was 2. In the breeding game at the time, Wells figured it might be a good idea to add Alibhai to his stud, being as how the youngster was a son of Hyperion, and he could use some of that blood.

Alibhai had disclosed terrific speed in training, but he broke down and Trainer Van Dusen had to retire him to the Marwyck Ranch, the current Perris ranch of Mr. Mayer being in the nebulous state. It was at Marwyck that Wells carried on negotiations with Harry Hart, but missed a $500,000 deal by a $100 whisker.” (Paul Lowry / Los Angeles Times, 11/14/1948)


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