Khaled’s “cold-blood” filly

“Khaled, who became the horse’s answer to an owner’s prayer when he became the father of the great Swaps, isn’t a bit choosy about the company he keeps.

Generally speaking, a professional sire of Khaled’s standing in thoroughbred social circles wouldn’t be caught dead as an escort for anything less than a graduate of the animal kingdom’s answer to the Junior League.

Yet, a cold-blooded mare named Monte’s Bird found Khaled in a favorable frame two years ago and made the most of it.

The result is a quarter horse named Bow II – I can’t imagine what happened to Bow the First, but that, of course, is something else again. Anyhow, Bow II is a 2-year-old who is better than a lame duck at getting over a piece of ground and is running in the Turf Paradise Handicap at Phoenix next Saturday.

Khaled is nothing if not democratic.”
(Ned Cronin / Los Angeles Times, 02/29/1956)


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