In celebration of Disguise’s 29th birthday, May 1926

“SANTA ROSA, May 3 – Equine aristocracy, represented by Disguise, famous race horse of another day, was host today to several hundred members of the human family.

The occasion was the twenty-ninth birthday of the thoroughbred whose name is known wherever horses run and sportsmen gather. Disguise is declared to be the oldest thoroughbred race horse in the world. His get have won approximately $1,000,000 in prizes.

Persons whose names are bywords on the social registers of the nation gathered at Wikiup Rancho, country estate of John H. Rosseter, today as guests of the noted steed. The entire assemblage was seated at a huge, horseshoe-shaped table on which rested a fifteen-inch high cake, decorated with twenty-nine carrots. Disguise was led within the slot of the table by Tod Sloan, world-famous former jockey, who rode the horse into third place in the English Derby just twenty-six years ago. Sloan, a resident of San Diego, made a special trip up to attend the party.

Always a thoroughbred, Disguise strode into the place allotted to the honor guest, sniffed at the big cake, looked around and remained immobile. But the cake had been made from bran and the carrots looked especially inviting so, without further ado, Disguise nibbled the vegetables, one by one, and then finished the repast in less bites than it takes time to tell.

A band furnished music and the guests cheered as the famous veteran of the track banqueted.” (Los Angeles Times, 05/10/1926)


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