The Names They (Almost) Gave Them – KY Derby 2015

The below are the (almost) names of the current top 25 point holders for Kentucky Derby 141. If a horse isn’t listed, that simply means only one name was submitted and that name was granted.

Just remember, it’s all in the name.

Initial name submitted: Pele (rejected)
2nd name submitted: Dortmund (approved)

Far Right
Initial name submitted: Crowley’s Notion (approved)
Name change submitted: Guns and Roses (rejected)
Name change submitted: Duck Nasty (rejected)
Name change submitted: Far Right (approved)

Firing Line
Initial name submitted: Firing Line (approved)
Alternate name submitted – not checked: A Fine Line

Initial name submitted: Bull Halsey (rejected)
2nd name submitted: Frammento (approved)

Mr. Z
Initial name submitted: Abella Luna (rejected)
2nd name submitted: Mr. Z (approved)

War Story
Initial name submitted – not checked: Northern Affair
2nd name submitted: War Story (approved)


The Truth Or Else
Initial name submitted: The Truth Or Else (approved)
Alternate names submitted – not checked: True Confessions; Thetruthorelse; Betruetoyourself; True Confession; Know the Truth; Iknowthetruth

One Lucky Dane
Initial name submitted: Lucky Damn Dane (rejected)
2nd name submitted: One Lucky Dane (approved)

*Last edited 4/19/2015


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