The markings of the 1935 Santa Anita Handicap contenders

As published in the Los Angeles Times on February 18, 1935, Santa Anita Park horse identifier Bill Cunningham describes some physical characteristics for many of the potential contenders in the upcoming inaugural edition of the Santa Anita Handicap.

Azucar (IRE) (1928 ch. g. by Milesius (GB) – Clarise (GB) by Picton (GB))
Dark chestnut; whips tail all the time; can’t miss him.

Cavalcade (1931 br. h. by Lancegaye (GB) – Hastily (GB) by Hurry On (GB))
Brown horse; small dim star on head; two hind coronets.

Equipoise (1928 ch. h. by Pennant – Swinging by Broomstick)
Liver colored chestnut, narrow strip to snip on lip.

Faireno (1929 b. c. by Chatterton – Minerva by Ambassador (GB))
Rich colored dark bay; crescent; snip left nostril.

Frank Ormont (1930 ch. c. by Ormont – Nelchen by Frizzle (FR))
Chestnut gelding; big star; big snip close to left nostril; both hinds three-quarters up.

Good Goods (1931 b. c. by Neddie – Brocatelle (GB) by Radium (GB))
Dark bay; dim star; very big strip in face.

(1929 ch. c. by American Flag – Daylight Saving by Star Shoot (GB))
Sway back chestnut; small star.

Head Play (1930 ch. c. by My Play – Red Head by King Gorin)
Big irregular strip to snip.

High Glee (1931 br. f. by Pharamond (GB) – Beaming by Whisk Broom)
Switch tail brown filly; small star.

Ladysman (1930 ch. c. by Pompey – Lady Belle by Polymelian (GB))
Chestnut horse; blaze; two hinds all the way to his hocks.

Mate (1928 ch. c. by Prince Pal – Killashandra by Ambassador (GB))
Blaze on face; two hinds one-half way up legs.

Riskulus (1931 ch. c. by Stimulus – Risky by Diadumenos (GB))
Strip to snip; red chestnut.

Statesman (GB) (1930 dkb/br. c. by Blandford (IRE) – Dail (GB) by Land League (GB))
Seal brown horse; seals always have a good luster; small line star on head; right hind coronet goes to ankle on inside.

Sweeping Light (1929 br. c. by Manna (IRE) – Sweeping Glance by Sweep)
Brown horse; sulks; won’t work in morning; have to use bull whip. No marks.

Ted Clark (1930 ch. c. by Chatterton – Uncle’s Lassie by Uncle)
Narrow strip three-quarters down the face, also left hind ankle.

Time Supply (1931 b. c. by Time Maker – Surplice by Fair Play)
Blaze on face and right hind over ankle.

Top Row (1931 b. c. by Peanuts – Too High by High Time)
Small bay colt; small coronet left hind heel; very small right hind heel.

Held on February 23, 1935, Azucar, the gelding you “can’t miss,” would take the “hundred-grander” by two lengths over Ladysman. Co-favorites Equipoise and High Glee would finish 7th and 17th, respectively.

Chart - 1935 Santa Anita H. (NYT 1935.02.24)

Chart as published in The New York Times, 02/24/1935

Azucar photo (NYT 1935.02.24)

Photo as published in The New York Times, 02/24/1935



  1. Hi, Have some great photos of Sorteado, Azucar and Riskulus. Love learning more about them. You bring them to life for me Thank you!!!

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