Notes on then yearling Campfire, champion 2-year-old of 1916

“NEW YORK, Nov. 8.—Horsemen who desire to keep in touch with racing find the study of yearlings particularly interesting at this season of the year, and the fine weather of October and thus far in November has greatly facilitated these studies. The yearlings of many of the leading stables owned in and about New York are now being given their early lessons, and already not a few have been picked out as especially promising candidates for honors in the two-year-old division of the season of 1916.

R. T. Wilson’s American-bred yearlings, which are in the care of P. Dwyer, are coming on nicely, while in point of individuality they will compare favorably with any youngsters now quartered at Belmont Park.

A chestnut colt by Olambala—Nightfall, nearly or quite solid colored. This is a grand-looking big colt with beautiful quarters and fore-end, a strong, massive barrel and splendid limbs. He is a heavily-muscled colt and full of individuality, not as handsome as some of his stablemates, but a particular favorite with Trainer Dwyer who, having seen him in his workouts, may have some especial reason for his liking. He looks like a thoroughly good colt, not wholly without some small faults in his conformation, but they are not of the sort which a first-class race horse could well afford to have.” (The Thoroughbred Record (Vol. 82, No. 20), 11/13/1915)

Campfire photo (TB Record, Vol. 84 No. 10, 1916.09.02)

Photo: The Thoroughbred Record (Vol. 84, No. 10), 09/02/1916


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