The Unforgettable Glengarry (GB)

Glengarry (GB) – 1866 br. h. by Thormanby (GB) – Carbine (GB) by Rifleman (GB)

“Glengarry is one of the most blood-like horses any man ever looked upon. I think I may say, without running the slightest risk of meeting with a contradiction, that his head and neck are the perfection of symmetry, beauty and quality. His muzzle is very handsome, and nostrils large and bugle-shaped, such as horsemen term expanding nostrils. His face is very clean, broad and full between the eyes. He has but one eye-the other was lost in an accident-but a better one no man ever saw. It is prominent and a rich hazel. His ears are neat, shapely pointed and well placed, and his neck is stout, blood-like and indicates great constitution. The under jaws are the shape of a V, and spread like a draughtman’s compasses as they approach the region of the throttle, affording unusual room for this organ.

Occasionally we meet both men and horses who make impressions upon us that we cannot shake off. I remember this was the case when I first saw Thora, Spendthrift, Harold and Bonnie Scotland, and I confess that Glengarry lingers in my mind. I shall never forget him, and, unless I am greatly mistaken, it will be a great while, if he lives a few years longer, before this country will forget him. He is a very regular and uniform breeder, and marks his colts with his own beauty, strength, health and symmetry. This is a great quality in a sire, and is the highest possible evidence of character. It shows supremacy, or what the trotting-horse people term “prepotency.” The wonderful beauty of the Glengarrys is everywhere remarked in Tennessee, and they are, as a family, the handsomest horses I have ever seen.”
(“Albion” as published in the Spirit of the Times (republished in the Daily American (Nashville, TN), 04/24/1882)


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