Kentucky Derby 2013: Off Tracks and More About 1-x

Since 1990, five editions of the Derby have been run under less than ideal conditions: 1990 (Good); 1994 (Sloppy); 2004 (Sloppy); 2009 (Sloppy/Sealed); and 2010 (Sloppy/Sealed).

As it’s looking increasingly likely that there will be an off track tomorrow, here’s a bizarre statistic: Family 1-x (represented by Revolutionary on Saturday) is 3 for 3 on tracks rated sloppy – Go For Gin (1994), Smarty Jones (2004), and Super Saver (2010).

And it’s not a case of overloading the field – Go For Gin, Smarty Jones, and Super Saver were the only representatives of 1-x in their respective races.

The track rated as good? Pleasant Tap (1-x) finished third.

**In 1989, the track condition was listed as muddy. Easy Goer (1-x) finished second.

**Family 1-x did not have a representative in the 2009 Derby, won by Mine That Bird (23-b). Of note, Chocolate Candy (also 23-b) finished 5th in 2009. Itsmyluckyday and Mylute will represent 23-b in this year’s running.

(Edited to note that Revolutionary since finished 3rd on a sloppy sealed track. Not a win, but still in the money. Weird statistic holds up for another year.)


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